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It is virtually impossible to obtain reliable information about swirl pressings from these five countries. Until now we have found few releases only.

From Turkey we have encountered three single (two without a picture sleeve), as shown below. But we also have confirmation that both 6059 002 (Black Sabbath Evil woman/ Wicked world) and 6059 010 (Black Sabbath Paranoid/ The wizard) were released with a picture sleeve in Turkey.

6059018TR 6059029TRlbl
The font is characteristic for Turkish releases. There is no other indication that this stems from Turkey on the release itself.
The matrix number of this single has no country code and reads: 6059029 - 1 - 1 CLS and 6059029 -2 - 1 CLS. A Turkish collector states that this is a Turkish release. Maybe the ''Inter.'' at 10 o'clock is a clue?

Black Sabbath collectors state without any doubt that this picture sleeve for 6059 002 originates in Turkey.

From Greece we have seen just 3 albums, and 1 single, this time without any doubt  Greek releases. Better scan provided by our readers!
The other known albums are 6360 011, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and 6360 017, Colosseum's Daughter of time.


The wording ''Made in Greece'' at six o'clock leaves little doubt where this was manufactured. The cover is similar to the British issue.

Greek labels for 6073 152 Lighthouse One fine morning/ Little kind words

From Portugal we have up till now only found a few single releases as shown below. There is no country code, but the label says unmistakenly ''Made in Portugal'' at 9 o'clock or ''Philips Portuguesa'' on some others (see label scan below)


And the picture sleeve gallery from Portugal:

Portuguese picture sleeve for 6032 900, Aphrodite's Child Break/ Babylon. Portuguese picture sleeve for 6059 027, Warhorse St.Louis/ No Chance. Portuguese picture sleeve for 6059 046, Jade Warrior A prenormal day at Brighton/ Sundial song.

6059050P 6059061P 6078209P
Portuguese picture sleeve for 6059 050, Black Sabbath Children of the grave/ Solitude. Portuguese picture sleeve for 6059 061, Black Sabbath Tomorrow's dream/ Laguna sunrise
Portuguese picture sleeve for 6078 209, Nazareth Love hurts/ Down.

Portuguese picture sleeve for 6276 003, Black Sabbath Paranoid/ Evil woman/ Wicked world. Alternate Portuguese picture sleeve for 6276 003, Black Sabbath Paranoid/ Evil woman/ Wicked world.

From Yugoslavia we now have a release too, albeit a cassete.

A marginal release, to be sure, but we couldn't restrain ourselves from including it. The is LK 57 036

From Lebanon we have found two singles and a one album..

Lebanese label for 6059 010, Black Sabbath Paranoid/ The wizard , released both on black and on splash vinyl. The perimeter text is in German!
Lebanese label for 6360 071, Black Sabbath Vol.4, in the style of Master of Reality.

We have received information that there should be a Lebanese release of 6059 027 Warhorse St.Louis/ No chance, but we haven't actually seen this.

Anyone who owns any information on swirl releases from these four countries is invited to contact us...

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