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Singapore, Maleisya and Hong Kong shared one Phonogram pressing plant in the late seventies (and early eighties) and issued some albums on Vertigo swirl. It is not possible to discern between these three countries, except when a tiny golden sticker ''Made in Hong Kong'' is present. The swirl label survived much longer in this area than in almost any country. We therefore sometimes do find a swirl release that seems unlikely due to its late date, but nevertheless exits. It goes without saying, that the rarity scale is not as reliable as with more solidly documented countries. It seems extremely likely, that there are many more swirl albums from this area to be found.
We have, more or less, two different periods with swirl releases from Singapore. The first falls into the well-known releases that were licensed from Britain. Three examples can be viewed below. There is no indication towards the country of origin, but Singapore inhabitants affirm that these are releases from their country.
Later SMH albums are recognized as such by the note on the cover (see scan), which is in one way or other featured on every album we have seen bar one. The labels have the old Dutch copyright control logo(!) and also most matrix numbers are Dutch (see The Netherlands page). The typography of the labels is quite different to that country, though. We have found only one single from these locations.


The albums we have encountered until now are presented in chronological order, as far as we could with any certainty determine this.

847 903 VTY
BLACK SABBATH - ''same'' (1970)

The laminated cover was imported from Germany (''D'' in a square on the backcover), the record pressed in The Netherlands (see matrix number). The label looks like being printed in The Netherlands too (perimeter font).

The cover design is the same as on the British release.
Both sides have a small version of the B-side style label.

The Vertigo logo on front is white.

Matrix number A-side
AA 847903 1Y (P)1970 670 13

Matrix number B-side
AA 847903 2Y (P)1970 670 13

Rarity scale: R4?

This was bought in Indonesia in 1972. There is no specific indication pointing toward a country of manufacturing.

6360 033
JADE WARRIOR - "same'' (?)


The cover is a single one and is adorned with the photo from the inside of the British issue.

The Vertigo logo on front is black.

Rarity scale: R5

We have also confirmation of our own eyes for the following releases from Singapore:

6360 006 Uriah Heep: Very 'eavy, very 'umble


6360 029 Catapilla: same
6360 034 Ian Matthews: If you saw thro' my eyes
6360 038 Daddy Longlegs: Oakdown farm
6360 045 Various Artists: Heads together - First round
6360 045 Beggars Opera: Waters of change
6360 071 Black Sabbath: Vol. 4 (with a large ''Rollerjoint'' credit at 3 o'clock on the label).
6360 175 Status Quo: Whatever you want


6360 500 Rod Stewart: Gasoline Alley
6370 405 Nazareth: Hair of the dog (seen this, but not 100% it's from Singapore)

6360 072



The laminated cover was copied from Britain and then tampered with, the record was pressed in Britain too (see matrix number).

The cover design has omitted the die-cut gatefold and the colour yellow. The poem in the middle was ditched too, thereby rendering the concept of the cover incomprehensible. Both sides have a small version of the B-side style label.

The Vertigo logo on front is white.

Matrix number A-side
6360072 1Y//1 ▼ 420 12

Matrix number B-side
6360072 2Y//2 ▼ 420 12

Rarity scale: R4?

This was also bought in Indonesia in 1972. There is no specific indication pointing toward a country of manufacturing.

6360 162

DIRE STRAITS - ''same'' (1978)

This album is virtually the same as the Israelian version (see the Israel page), but has no extra ''Sultans of Swing'' title and, of course, no Hebrew characters on the top border.

6360 163


Line-up: Steve Broughton, voc, gtr/ Robert John Lange, bsgtr/ Lol Mason, voc/ Greg Mathieson, keyb/ Mike Slamer, voc, gtr/ Max Thomas, voc, keyb/ Roy Ward, dr.
Production: Robert John Lange.
Cover-design by unknown.
Photography by unknown.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at unknown.

Track listing A-side: (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason)/ Summer In The Schoolyard (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Mike Slamer)/ Goodbye Laurelie (Steve Broughton + Max Thomas)/ Raise Your Glass [To Foolish Me] (Steve Broughton)/ Cigarettes (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Mike Slamer)/ What A Night (Steve Broughton).
Track listing B-side: Do What You Do, Do Well (Roy Ward + Mike Slamer)/ The World Loves A Dancer (Steve Broughton + Max Thomas)/ Beth (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason)/ Moving In Circles (Steve Broughton)/ Dangerous Child (Lol Mason + Max Thomas).

The Vertigo logo on front is white and very little.
There are no running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360163 1Y 3 (P) 1978 670 03 11
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360163 2Y 1 (P) 1978 670 111

Rarity scale: R2

Quite strange mixture of hard-rock elements and enthousiastic radio-friendly multi-part vocals that sound almost like a band as Sailor. They can play and sing, so this becomes completely dependent on the material and the inner attitude. This isn't really bad, but unfortunately the overclear production makes for too glossy a surface. Multi-part vocals notwithstanding, a really surprising harmony is nowhere in sight. Another disadvantage is the absolutely general sound of all instruments. It doesn't hurt to listen to a few tracks, but nowhere did we feel any wonder or awe. This is really just average. There's another musical style that punk hoped to strangle. To no avail, of course.

A cover typical of the times, but not better for that reason at all. It''s slick and unexpressive. The lettering should be arrested by the lettering police, if only we had some. The backcover is just white on black info and an enormous space wasted. Blah!

Notes: this is the only Singapore cover we have seen without a caption notifying us about the country of manufacturing.

6360 170


Line-up: B.Bear, keyb/ John Illsley, bsgtr/ David Knopfler, gtr/ Mark Knopfler, voc, gtr/ Pick Withers, dr.
Production: Jerry Wexler + Barry Beckett.
Cover-art  by Geoff Halpin.
Cover-design by Hothouse.
Photography by Barry Schulz
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Compass Point Studio, Nassau.

Track listing A-side: Once Upon A Time In The West/ News/ Where Do You Think You're Going?/ Communiqué.
Track listing B-side: Lady Writer/ Angel Of Mercy/ Portobelle Belle/ Single-Handed Sailor/ Follow Me Home.
All tracks by Mark Knopfler.

No Vertigo logo on front.
There are no running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
9102031 1*// 4▼E USA 13
Matrix number B-side:
9102031 2*// 12▼E USA 13

Rarity scale: R2

There simply doesn't seem to be much to say about this follow-up album. It takes the same roads with the same pace. The guitars sound even better than on the debut record, but the same tempo and the same harmonies all over again do not make for diverse listening. Surely, some truly inspired guitar parts are present, but the songs sound as sedated as before.
Quite brushed up, yet atmospheric cover design. The mixture of levels is an old trick, but well executed here.
The lettering is completely fit to the image, good work! There is an insert with black and white photographs too.

Notes: the matrix numer gives the British catalogue number. This was released in the USA on WB (3330) in the same year, so the addition ''USA'' in the run-off groove is enigmatic.

6360 163


Line-up: Steve Broughton, voc, gtr/ Chris Dunn, bsgtr, gtr/ Tim Friese-Greene, keyb/ Derek King, keyb/ Mutt Lange, bsgtr/ Huey Lewis, hrp/ Lol Mason, voc/ Mike Slamer, gtr/ Kendal Stubbs, bsgtr, perc/ Max Thomas, voc, keyb/ Roy Ward, voc, dr.
Production: Robert John Lange.
Cover-art by Don Brautigam.
Cover-design by Bob Defrin.
Photography by Jim Houghton.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau.

Track listing A-side: The Day The Earth Caught Fire (Lol Mason + Mike Slamer + Max Thomas)/ It's Only The End Of The World (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Roy Ward + Robert John Lange)/ Interrupted Melody (Lol Mason + Mike Slamer + Max Thomas)/ Modern Love Affair (Lol Mason + Mike Slamer + Max Thomas)/ New York Times (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Mike Slamer).
Track listing B-side: Up In The Eighties (Lol Mason + Max Thomas)/ Machines ( Lol Mason + Mike Slamer + Roy Ward)/ Ambition a) Ambition (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Mike Slamer); b) Me And My Tarot (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason + Max Thomas); c) Rev-On [The Crunch] (City Boy); d) The End [Came Easy] (Steve Broughton + Lol Mason).

No Vertigo logo on front.
There are no running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
*AA 6360173 1Y2 (P) 1979 670 11
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360163 2Y1 (P) 1979 670 12

Rarity scale: R2

The sound is as plastic as ever, but the songs are better on this next effort. The title track would even be excellent, were it not for the disfuguring synths that crop up, just to inflate the textures. But yet another apocalypse? Yawn! The second track is called It's only the end of the world. Yet another apocalypse?? Yawn!! But New York Times has a nice arrangement and Up in the eighties an attractive melody. The best track must be Machines, with its strange angular architecture and a fine solo. much better than the previous album, but still not very exciting.

A motorcycle goes or gets parked, who can tell? In the sewer there is a strange glowing red light. Who do you think would live there? On the back a small photo and not much more. An insert with lyrics is included.
Corporate logos can irritatingly disturb an image and here you are. Also the lettering of the title is quite dissatisfying. There must be a better location for this, gentlemen!

6359 030



6302 017



Line-up: Geezer Butler, bsgtr/ Ronnie James Dio, voc/ Tony Iommi, gtr/ Geoff Nicholls, keyb/ Bill Ward, dr.
Production: Martin Birch.
Cover-art by Lynn Curlee (front) + Harry Carmean (back).
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami.

Track listing A-side: Neon Knights/ Children Of The Sea/ Lady Evil/ Heaven And Hell.
Track listing B-side: Wishing Well/ Die Young/ Walk Away/ Lonely Is The Wind.
All tracks by Black Sabbath.

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
6302017 2Y2 (P) 1980 670 12
Matrix number B-side:
6302017 1Y2 (P) 1980 670 12

Rarity scale: R2

The Sabbies have slowly ''developed'' into a fast and well-playing hard-rock formation. Very competent, but not much more in terms of an own sound. They play better than ever on this album, but the excitement is a bit lacking. Aficionados of this style should very much be able to enjoy this

It's a fine idea to have heaven and hell not depicted as two locations but as a mixture instead: smoking, gambling angels on a coffin, sporting blood-red nail-polish. Mud gray contrasts with the celestial blue and red in a convincing way. The portrait sketches on the back are excellent too. An insert with lyrics is not included with our copy, but should probably exist.
This looks like a wise kind of lettering: not disturbing anything, yet clear and stylish. Thumbs up for once!

6302 057


Line-up: Andy Bown, keyb, voc/ John Coghlan, dr/ Alan Lancaster, voc, bsgtr/ Richard Parfitt, voc, keyb, gtr/ Francis Rossi, voc, gtr/ Rob Young, harm.
Production: John Eden + Status Quo.
Cover-design by Alan Schmidt  + John Shaw.
Photography by Fin Costello + Danny Clifford.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin.

Track listing A-side: What You're Proposing (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost)/ Run To Mummy (Francis Rossi + Andy Bown)/ Don't Drive My Car (Richard Parfitt + Andy Bown)/ Lies (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost).
Track listing B-side: The Wild Ones (Alan Lancaster)/ Name Of The Game (Francis Rossi + Alan Lancaster + Andy Bown)/ Coming And Going (Richard Parfitt + Rob Young)/ Rock 'N' Roll (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost).

No Vertigo logo on front.
No running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
6302057 1Y2 (P) 1980 670 11 06
Matrix number B-side:
6302057 2Y3 (P) 1980 670 11 06

Rarity scale: R2

We sincerely hope that you will excuse us, but at the moment we cannot find the strength to face yet another Quo album. Maybe in some far future we will review this one exceptionally thoroughly...

These photo-art covers of the late seventies and early eighties are almost always much too glib, and this one is no exception. Still the idea of the image is bright enough. Oppositional intentions of direction reign supreme between humans and technical devices, as shown quite slyly here.
The lettering is - even with this clumsy coporate bandlogo - certainly acceptible, mostly thanks to the excellent colouring and location.

6302 099


Line-up: Pete Agnew, voc, bsgtr/ Manny Charlton, gtr/ Dan McCafferty, voc/ Darrell Swett, dr.
Production: Geoff Emerick + Jeffrey Baxter.
Cover-art by Chris Moore
Cover-design by Alan Schmidt  + Pat Carroll.
Photography by Fin Costello + Danny Clifford.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Air Studios Montserrat & Wendler Arena, Saginaw, Michigan.

Track listing A-side: Dressed To Kill (Dan McCafferty + Pete Agnew) 3'33''/ Another Year (Manny Charlton) 3'32''/ Moonlight Eyes (Dan McCafferty) 3'34''/ Pop The Silo (Dan McCafferty + Pete Agnew) 3'18''/ Let Me Be Your Leader (Manny Charlton) 3'50''.
Track listing B-side: We Are The People (Dan McCafferty + Pete Agnew)/ Every Young Man's Dream (Sweet) 3'19''/ Little Part Of You (Manny Charlton) 3'32''/ Cocaine <live> (J.J.Cale) 4'35''/ Victoria (Sweet) 3'20''.

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
6302099A 1Y1 (P) 1980 830 06 115
Matrix number B-side:
6302099B 2Y1 (P) 1980 830  06 115

Rarity scale: R2

As much as we hate to say this, but again we could not mobilize enough energy to plough through yet another Nazareth album. Please accept our humblest apologies...

Ah, it's a painting this time and altough rather stiffly made, there is enough tangible atmosphere to make up for this. One sort of wonders how it feels like to be the jockey and comes to the conclusion that it should be big fun. The back is just a continuation of the landscape and some sparse information. An insert with lyrics is provided.
The designers have even achieved some almost satisfactory solution to the inclusion of the band logo (filled with malachite). No easy task!

Notes: while other records from SMH have the country code ''670'' (The Netherlands) in the matrix number, this one has ''830'', a code which we haven't seen before. Perhaps this is the country code to this area?

6302 104
has been spotted

6302 119

6302119 6302119lbl

Line-up: Vinnie Appice, dr/ Geezer Butler, bsgtr/ Ronnie James Dio, voc/ Tony Iommi, gtr/ Geoff Nicholls, keyb.
Production: Martin Birch.
Cover-art by Greg Hildebrandt.
Cover-design by Paul Clark.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Record Plant, Los Angeles.

Track listing A-side: Turn Up The Night/ Voodoo/ The Sign Of The Southern Cross/ E5-150/ Mob Rules.
Track listing B-side: Country Girl/ Slippin' Away/ Falling Off The Edge Of The World/ Over And Over.
All tracks by Geezer Butler + Ronnie James Dio + Tony Iommi.

The Vertigo logo on front is dark brown.
There are no running time indications.

Matrix number A-side:
6302119 1Y1 (P) 1981 670 12502 06
Matrix number B-side:
6302119 2Y1 (P) 1981 670 11 06

Rarity scale: R2

With the seasoned Appice at the skins instead of founding member Ward, BS makes another step towards normalcy. This is just a slice from the same sausage: heavy, muscular and smooth. Something of the old menace is to be found on The sign of the southern cross and the ominous tone-painting E5-510 could classify as an experiment even. Otherwise business as usual.

A nasty image of faceless creeps with whips and clad in uniforms straight from the waste-bin approach us from a bloody building A dirty sheet hangs from the scaffolding. On the back a not too fresh brick wall.
Of course the lettering is graffity and rightly so.

6202 151

Unfortunately we have not heard this, so we will refrain from either panning or praising.

6650 008


Yes, we have seen a scan of this with our very eyes, so it certainly exists...

814 287-1
GENESIS - ''same'' (1983)


Line-up: Tony Banks, keyb, voc/ Phil Collins, voc, dr/ Mike Rutherford, gtr, bsgtr, voc.
Production: Genesis + Hugh Padgham..
Cover-design by Bill Smith.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at The Farm, Surrey, UK.

Track listing A-side: Mama (6'46'')/ That's All (4'22'')/ Home By The Sea (5'07'')/ Second Home By The Sea (6'05'').
Track listing B-side: Illegal Alien (5'13'')/ Takin' It All Too Hard (3'55'')/ Just A Job To Do (4'45'')/ Silver Rainbow (4'27'')/ It's Gonna Get Better (4'57'').
All tracks by Genesis.

There is no Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
8142871 1Y1 (P) 1983 670 04 14
Matrix number B-side:
8142871 2Y1 (P) 1981 670 04 1 3

Rarity scale: R2

Another one of those half-way satisfying Genesis albums, that mainly stress the impression, that they could have been so much better than they actually are. The hard-hitting approach of the overlong Mama and both Home by the sea tracks sounds completely contrived to us, making the poppy That's all almost an oasis of invention in between. Side B is better, while it lets some insecurities at least seep through and thus sounds more trustworthy. Apart from the rambling Just a job to do all of these tracks have their moments, like credible social comment on Illegal alien, genuine emotion on Takin' it all too hard and a meandering state of mind on Silver rainbow. Too patchy, though, and still lightyears below what this could (or should) have been.

On the cover the atmosphere of the eighties reigns supreme, but this seems not a big advantage in retrospect. As bland an image as you can imagine (eh...?).
There is an insert with lyrics and pictures included that substitutes the british inner sleeve.
Lettering without any connection to the image can be a fresh idea, but here it only underlines the lack of flavour of the cover.

We have found one single with a picture sleeve from Singapore:

Singapore picture sleeve for 6059 010, Black Sabbath Paranoid/ The wizard.

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