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The Peruvian Vertigo discography we have compiled is most certainly not complete. The releases we found are palatable, though. There does not seem to be any system in the catalogue numbering, so we present what we have encountered  in approximate numerical order. Only the first two LP's we offer do not follow this rule, since these are missing  numbers from the British catalogue (!) and undoubtably released earlier than the other albums on display. Peruvian albums are distributed by ''El Verrey'', a local agent in Lima. There are quite some releases unique to this country, as you wil readily discern further below.  The vinyl used is often of mediocre quality. Covers are made ''German'' style: laminated single board sleeves. Album matrix numbers are hand-etched., containing the catalogue number and the side (marked ''L'' for ''lado''). Album labels have ''Vertigo'' in the second white circle on the A-side and ''1'' on the third. The B-side label has its own styling and fonts. ''Industria Peruana'' becomes visible at 5 o'clock. Early albums are undated.
Singles were released on swirl long after the demise of the label elsewhere. They were issued in a company sleeve. We have not found any picture sleeve singles from Peru.


6360 061


Participating bands: see track listing.
Cover-design: unknown
Liner notes: Gerardo M.Rojas.
Cover manufactured by unknown.

Track listing A-side: Power Of Darkness (Ronno) 3'30''/ The Wizard (Black Sabbath) 3'55''/ Don't Go (Still Life) 4'30''/ Sarabande (Beggars Opera) no time mentioned/ St.Louis (Warhorse) 3'45''/ A Prenormal Day At Brighton (Jade Warrior) 2'40''.
Track listing B-side: Behind The Wall Of Sleep + N.I.B. (Black Sabbath) 9'45''/ Love Song No.6 (Still Life) 6'10''/ No Chance (Warhorse) 6'10''.

TheVertigo logo on front is black.

Matrix number A-side
6360061 1L
Matrix number B-side
6360061 2L

Rarity scale: R3

Another missing link in the British discography, this sampler goes for hard-hitting rock. Only the Beggars Opera track seems out of place (a non-LP single, always welcome, of course). The B-side of the sole Ronno single is nice to have too.
The cover is simple and effective. If you love swirl, you will love this. The backcover has very nice pictures of all the bands involved. I never before saw a photo of Ronno as a band of five members, but there it is. Also the picture of Still Life was unknown to me and beneath it the until now unknown line-up is listed! Small but interesting liner notes about ''heavy''.

6360 078


Participating bands: see track listing.
Cover-design: unknown
Liner notes: Gerardo M.Rojas.
Cover manufactured by Luz S.A..

Track listing A-side: Iron Man (Black Sabbath)/ Think (Beggars Opera)/ Can Anybody Hear Me (Gravy Train) / 4th Hour Of My Sleep (Ronno)/ Little Miss Louise (Freedom).
Track listing B-side: War Pigs (Black Sabbath)/ Enterprise (Gravy Train)/ Back In Time (Warhorse).

The Vertigo logo on front is black.
No running time is mentioned.

Matrix number A-side
VERT. 6360078 1L
Matrix number B-side
6360078 2L

Rarity scale: R3

And yet another missing link in the British discography, this sampler goes for hard-hitting rock, or did we say so before? Both the Beggars Opera and the Ronno single have their other side featured here. Still Life is substituted with Gravy Train and Freedom, otherwise much the same concept as Vol. 1. Titles are again translated into Spanish on the label and the backcover.
The cover is again simplicity itself, although there evidently now was enough financial scope for the inclusion of a second colour of ink at the printer's.
Again the backcover has rare pictures of all the bands involved, as well as another set of (as far as I can decipher the Spanish) rather intelligent liner notes about the music.

Notes: The bandname ''Freedom'' is misspelt as ''Freedon'' on the front cover.

6300 900


Participating bands: see track listing.
Cover-design: B.T.Q.
Liner notes: Gerardo M.Rojas.
Cover manufactured by unknown.

Track listing A-side: Midnight Moses (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) 4'22''/ Big Fat Mama (Status Quo) 5'53''/ Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath) 4'21''/ Sybilla (Warhorse) 5'30''/ The Four Horsemen (Aphrodite's Child) 4'40".
Track listing B-side: O'Baby (Status Quo) 4'00''/ Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath) 4'20''/ McArthur Park (Beggar's Opera) 8'20''/ Aegian Sea (Aphrodite's Child) 4'40''/ Demon Trucker (Jade Warrior) 2'23''.

The Vertigo logo on front is yellow.

Matrix number A-side
VERTIGO 6300900 1L
Matrix number B-side
VERTIGO 6300900 2L

Rarity scale: R3

The tracks included here make it clear that this is of later date than the two previous samplers. Still, even when opting for the heavy side of Vertigo, the choice of tracks wouldn't be ours, but is quite logical nonetheless.
There even is some sort of cover design now, but it fails to attract us in any way. Surely something more adventurous could have been concocted with these graphical elements. The babbling sentence ''nownownow'' etc., just underneath ''three'' doesn't help any to improve it. The backcover now only holds pictures of the newcomers Alex Harvey (without band), Status Quo and Demis Roussos of Aphrodite's Child (again no band, but clouded in smoke). The liner notes are more elaborate than before. Titles are in Spanish on the backcover but not on the label. We even are informed that Rick Wakeman plays moog synthesizer on Sabbath's Sabbra cadabra, just in case you forgot.

Y5-TGO 6302 162.9


Line-up: Tony Banks, keyb/ Phil Collins, voc, dr/ Mike Rutherford, gtr, bsgtr.
Production: Genesis.
Cover-art: Bill Smith
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at unknown.

Track listing A-side: Abacab (Genesis)/ No Reply At All (Genesis)/ Me And Sarah Jane (Tony Banks)/ Keep It Dark (Genesis).
Track listing B-side: Dodo (Genesis)/ Lurker (Genesis)/ Who Dunnit? (Genesis)/ Man On The Corner (Phil Collins)/ Like It Or Not (Mike Rutherford)/ Another Record (Genesis).

No Vertigo logo on front.
No running time is mentioned.

Matrix number A-side
Matrix number B-side
There has been a substantial amount of correction to the matrix numbers. Digits are scratched out, others act as replacement: utter chaos.

Rarity scale: R2?

Somehow all Genesis albums after The lamb lies down on Broadway seem transitional efforts that raise expectations of something new and fresh, but unfortunately in the end never really live up to them. This one is a good point in case. Many wrong choices about the timbres of the keyboards severely mar most tracks when listened to some 20 years later. We cannot much admire the mixing either: the up-front drumming sounds much too dense and simple and obscures any detailed arrangement. The imitation horns on the synths are pretty bad too. Maybe it is characteristic that the best two tracks are no group compositions. The richly harmonized Me and Sarah Jane conveys an emotion both real and gripping through adequate musical means and mild unexpected twists. Very impressive. The luxuriously swaying Like it or not exudes temperate power without trying to please too hard. Also quite impressive. Some of the rest has its moments, but most of the times the band tries to cater for too many audiences at once. By doing so a hybrid style is created somewhere in between prog-rock, poppy songwriting and even some groove-dance-feeling. They seem just on the brink of letting out of the sack whatever interesting developments lie dormant inside their music, but no, they do not.
The cover was issued in differently coloured designs in Britain, but we do not know whether or not this was also the case in Peru. The slight embossing of the British releases was dumped in Peru: the cover is as smooth as a freshly shaven chin. The backcover was executed in grey. The inner sleeve with photo and information was left in place, but printed on extremely flimsy paper.

Notes: this album was released in Britain on Charisma (CBR 102) in 1981 and in the USA on Atlantic (19313) in the same year.

Y-TGO 6359 109.9


Line-up: Alan Clark, keyb/ John Illsley, bsgtr/ Mark Knopfler, voc, gtr/ Hal Lindes gtr/ Mike Manieri, dr, vibr/ Ed Walsh, keyb/ Pick Withers, dr..
Production: Mark Knopfler.
Cover-design: Michael Rowe.
Photography: Alan Lobel + Peter Cunningham.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Power Station, New York.

Track listing A-side: Telegraph Road (14'20'')/ Private Investigations (7'00'').
Track listing B-side: Industrial Disease (5'50'')/ Love Over Gold (6'15'')/ It Never Rains (7'55'').
All tracks by Mark Knopfler.

No Vertigo logo on front.
No running time is mentioned.

Matrix number A-side
Matrix number B-side

Rarity scale: R2?

This album has been seen by many reviewers as ''prog-rock'', probably because of its long tracks, as it is hard to find another reason. Isn't prog-rock's foremost characteristic a more or less elaborate architecture? This record really hasn't too much of that, even though some grand piano episodes attempt to suggest so. Only the title track would actually qualify. To the record's credit can be said, however, that at least some of the melodies do not immediately go where you already knew they would go when they took off. But even so, almost everything is much too long to be borne by its musical substance. No dexterous guitar, however fluently played, can make up for this deficit. So most of the time listening to this album is spent waiting for the next thing to happen, definitely not our idea of a ''progressive'' record, let alone an adventurous one.

Notes: this album was released in Britain on Vertigo (6369 109) and in the USA on Warner Brothers (23738), all in the same year.

6366 115


Matrix number A-side:
VERTIGO 6366115 1L
Matrix number B-side:
VERTIGO 6366115 2L

Rarity scale: R2

This album is identical to the Italian release and discussed in the Italy section. In Peru the backcover was reduced to black and white. Obviously they used a photocopy of the German issue, as there is a credit for German Phonogram that probably was overlooked and therefore not erased.

A20-TGO 6650 008.7



Line-up: Tony Banks, keyb, voc/ Phil Collins, voc, dr/ Mike Rutherford, gtr, bsgtr, voc/ Daryl Stuermer, gtr, bsgtr/ Chester Thompson, dr.
Production: Genesis.
Cover-art: Bill Smith.
Photography by Martin Goddard.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured
by unknown.
Recorded at
various locations.

Track listing A-side disc 1
: Turn It On Again (Genesis)/ Dodo (Genesis)/ Abacab (Genesis).
Track listing B-side disc 1: Behind The Lines (Genesis)/ Duchess (Genesis)/ Me And Sarah Jane (Tony Banks)/ Follow You Follow Me (Genesis).
Track listing A-side disc 2
: Misunderstanding (Phil Collins)/ In The Cage (Genesis + Peter Gabriel + Steve Hackett)/ Afterglow (Tony Banks).
Track listing B-side disc 2: Paperlate (Genesis)/ You Might Recall (Genesis)/ Me And Virgil (Genesis)/ Evidence Of Autumn (Tony Banks)/ Open Door (Mike Rutherford).

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side disc 1
A20-TGO-6650008.7 - DISCO 1 - LADO 1
Matrix number B-side disc 1
A20-TGO-6650008.7 - DISCO 1 - LADO 2
Matrix number A-side disc 2:
A20-TGO-6650008.7 - DISCO 2 - LADO 1
Matrix number B-side disc 501:
A20-TGO-6650008.7 - DISCO 2 - LADO 2

Rarity scale: R3?

This Peruvian issue follows the USA version. That this incarnation of Genesis was a competent live band is well-known, and this double album does not prove otherwise. Still the live sides seem superfluous to us, since they do not add anything to the tracks in question. The only real spot of inspiration seems to happen on Afterglow, that loses something of the resignation the studio version carries, but wins intensity. In the cage is really different to the studio and in fact more or less a medley of old tunes, very well crafted, but the - modest - vocal pyrotechnics of Collins are irritating rather than enjoyable. The fourth sides of odds and sods from different studio sessions is patchy too, but at least two tracks stand out. These are not Paperlate (sounds cerebral) or You might recall (a much too average song), but rather Me and Virgil with its epic storyline and adequate musical processing and the extremely wistful Evidence of autumn, another memorable melody by Tony Banks. The closing Open door veers too close to sentimentality and therefore should have been reworked before release.

Notes: The cover mentions another catalogue number: 6673 001. It seems to have been common practice on double albums issued by Phonogram/Philips, that the cover is assigned an extra number. Now why should that be?
This was released in the UK (different version, though, without the studio tracks) on Charisma (GEN 2002) and in the USA on Atlantic (SD 2-2000), all in 1982.


Peruvian singles have the same kind of A-side labels as the albums do. The B-side label can be viewed below. Curiously enough, later releases have the Dutch copyright notice ''Stemra'' on the label...


We have found the following single releases from Peru, all in a company sleeve from ''El Firrey'':

TGO 6059 139 THIN LIZZY (1970)
A: The boys are back in town. B: Emerald.

TGO 6059 152 LIGHTHOUSE (1972)
A: One fine morning. B: Little king words.

6073 256 JIM CROCE (1973)
A: Bad, bad Leroy Brown. B: Hard time losin' man. (A-side misspelled as ''Bag, bad Leroy Brown'')

F-TGO 6079 042.1 NAZARETH (1980)
A: Holiday. B: Talkin' about love.

F-TGO 6012 965.8 KAYAK (undated)
A: Want you to be mine. B: Turn the tide.

There are also some EP's from Peru. If you have any details, please contact us. You can view two here below, both subtitled ''Coleccion underground'', followed by a number. We would like to know what no.1 could have been.

Peruvian picture sleeve and label for 6277 100, Uriah Heep EP

Peruvian picture sleeve and label for 6277 101, Black Sabbath Paranoid EP

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