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We have received extensive information from two of our readers about Vertigo in Mexico. It will take some time to sort them out, please be patient, you will be rewarded!

The following facts seem to have been established:

Mexican Vertigo was at first distributed and manufactured by Discos Universalis S.A. (aka DUSA) in 1971. This was followed up by Polydor in 1972 until 1976. Most of the releases were headed by a ''rock power'' program, that also existed in Brazil and Columbia (see those pages for examples). This was designed by Hervé Pompeyo. The very first pressings of these albums bear different catalogue numbers to their British counterpart. Later pressings have the same numbers. The first batch of albums had the rock power bar on top of the cover as a loose paper strip just like Japanese obis! Clearly these are impossible to find 35 years later on. Subsequent pressings had them printed on the cover.

Special interest goes to the Black Sabbath discography, as ''Paranoid'' was the first album by this band to be released in Mexico.

BLACK SABBATH Paranoico LRG 23011 (later pressings: 23001 and even later 6366 106, both from 1971)
We received conflicting information on this release, though. The picture of the cover below is stated by some Black Sabbath collectors to belong to a pressing with UFO labels. The first pressing seems to be the one with the Union Jack as mentioned below, but in colour, not in black & white. Any readable scans of any of these records would earn you eternal gratitude from us!
BLACK SABBATH 2 23004/6360 047
BLACK SABBATH Master of reality 23005/6360 050
BLACK SABBATH Vol.4 23007/6360 071
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath bloody sabbath LGR 23009/6366 101 (1973/4)

LRG 23011 - 23001 - 6366 106


The top left hand side cover is presumed to be the first of three different swirl pressings of this record. It carries a catalogue number with an ''old'' Polydor prefix, as was used on many South American albums: LRG 23011. The other two releases were in black and white and carried a Union Jack logo in the corner of the cover. The catalogue number was reduced to just 23001, with 6360 011 appearing in small print too.


23003 - 6360 020

GENTLE GIANT - ''same'' (1971)


Rock power galores. The gatefold sleeve was kept, but the top bar suggests lobotomy. Pictured here is a promo issue with a note on the label ''para promoción, prohibida su venta''. The back cover is again adorned by a small Union Jack in a circle. Titles are in Spanish. A caption ''funda doble'' was inserted bottom left.

23004 - 6360 047



Another ''rock power'' release, this had to be retitled ''2'', although it is the debut album. Paranoico, the second LP proper was already released before.We do not enjoy the mutilating program bar on one of Vertigo's best cover designs. The caption ''funda doble'' appears top left.

23005 - 6360 050



Yet another ''rock power'' release, this time the program was moved to the back cover. On the label the title was translated (more or less) to Spanish: "Amo de la realidad".

We received the information that this was released in a fold-out cover, which would be a unique design for Mexico. The ''rock power'' caption was used here too.

23006 - 6360 066


Seen with ''rock power'' caption.

23007 - 6360 071


Still a gatefold, but no book cover. (A version WITH book has been reported too). Slightly altered colours, though. The top bar is not as offensive as on other releases. The caption ''funda doble'' appears bottom left.

LRG 23009 - 6366 101 (1973/4)


Labels hoard around this release, but it's Vertigo still. The A-side label has the full swirl logo, the B-side label shows a small swirl at the top. ''Distribuido por Polydor'' adorns the front cover, the back shows a WWA logo! The caption ''funda doble'' appears bottom left. The label states 1973, but the back cover Februari 1974... All titles translated into Spanish, including the main title on the label. There was no tampering with the alleged obscene content of the front like seen at the bottom of  the Uruguay page.

6360 015
WARHORSE - ''same''

6360 015MEX

Also Warhorse's debut LP was released as part of the ''rock power'' program. The cover needed some tampering to incorporate the top bar. The colour of the lettering was adapted, but not for the better and the lettering itself was relocated.
The caption ''funda doble'' appears bottom left.


We have only been able to locate a few singles and two EP's from Mexico, but we are sure that there are other single releases. Again, please drop us a line if you have any of these at your disposition.

Confirmed are at least the following, apart from the ones that are pictured below:


Paranoid/ Rat Salad
Tomorrow's Dream/ Laguna Sunrise
It's Alright/ Rock 'n' Roll Doctor
all three without picture sleeve.

Mexican picture sleeve for 2256, Jim Croce Operator/ Photographs and memories/ You don't mess around with Jim/ Rapid boy [the stock car boy]. Mexican B-side label for 2256. ''Hecho in Mexico'' appears at 4 o'clock.

Year of release is unknown. The A-side label has the full swirl logo, without any lettering. This EP seems to be part of a series with the same upper bar on all issues. ''La nueva generacion electrica'' seems too much honour for Mr.Croce, though.

6276 007
Mexican picture sleeve for 6276 004 Black Sabbath Paranoid/ Rat salad/ Electric funeral. Mexican picture sleeve for 6276 005 Warhorse St.Louis/ Sin chance de quemar (= No chance). Mexican picture sleeve for 6276 008 Black Sabbath Children of the grace/ Lord of this world.

We did, however, see with our own eyes that the following promo singles have been released.

6059 139/ 707 THIN LIZZY
A: Los Chicos Volvieron Al Pueblo (The Boys Are Back In Town)/ Esmeralda (Emerald).

Mexican label for 6059 139/ 707, Thin Lizzy Los Chicos Volvieron Al Pueblo (The Boys Are Back In Town)/ Esmeralda (Emerald).

1702-1861/2 GRAHAM BOND
A: Hechizo (Ajama). B: Todos preguntan por Jesus (Hail Ra-Harakhite).


As you will probably understand, it is not too easy to gather information about releases from this country. We have found only three albuma from Guatemala yet.

The contents and the cover of 6366 115 album are virtually the same as on other issues of this record. Only at the top right of the cover a small white Vertigo logo was inserted. Please refer to the Italy page for a description. The issue of  826 704-1 seems to be unique to Guatemala

6366 115

Titles were translated into Spanish in Guatemala. At 7 o'clock the wording ''Hecho en Guatemala'' appears. Apparently this release was licensed from The Netherlands.
Guatamala released (just like Peru) swirl records even in the 1980's, as seen above.
8267041 8267041lbl


We have seen two differing album from Colombia. One was advertised for sale, see scan below. As the scan is pretty bad, we could not discern the catalogue number, so we do not know whether or not this is identical to Britain.

Colombian Vertigo embraced the ''rock power'' program, already known from Mexican and Brazilian releases.
Above a label from Colombia with the manufacturing country in the rim text.

The other is a copy of  6360 032, Patto's Hold your fire. This carries an extra ''0'' digit on the label: 63600 012, which seems a typo to us. The bottom rim of the label states: Manufacturado in Columbia. The intricate gimmix cover was understandably replaced by a single cover, looking like the UK album with all flaps folded away.

We have not encountered any single releases from Colombia, but they do likely exist.
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We sincerely hope that you will be of assistance in making this information as reliable as possible.
In case of any contributions or questions or even complaints, please use this here virtual address: e-mail.