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Yes, even in good old India there were album releases on Vertigo swirl. We have found four issues so far. Indian Vertigo records are easily recognizable by the caption ''Mfd in India by Polydor of India Limited'' featured at 6 o'clock on the label. All are dated in the second half of the seventies, maybe excepting the first one shown below.
Again the matrix numbers refer to the country code for The Netherlands: ''670''.

6360 068



Sticker attached to the bottom of the only copy we have ever come across of this Indian issue.

Even though this is a quite early catalogue number, it is unclear when this was released in India. There are no indications of a release date anywhere. Cover and musical contents are the same as the UK release.

6360 117


This album is virtually the same as the Dutch version (see the Netherlands page), but four logo's from previous albums are transferred from the backcover to the front and the line-up is inserted at the bottom right. The backcover was tinted pale blue on this issue.

6360 169


Line-up: Brian Downey, dr/ Scott Gorham, gtr, voc/ Philip Lynott, voc, bsgtr, gtr/ Gary Moore, gtr, voc.
Production: Tony Visconti + Thin Lizzy.
Cover-art by Jim Fitzpatrick.
Photography by unknown.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by Polydor of India, Bombay.
Recorded at Pathe Marconi.Studios, Paris + Good Earth Studios, London.

Track listing A-side: Do Anything You Want To (Philip Lynott)/ Toughest Street In Town (Philip Lynott + Scott Gorham + Gary Moore)/ Waiting For An Alibi (Philip Lynott)/ Sarah (Philip Lynott + Gary Moore).
Track listing B-side: Got To Give It Up (Philip Lynott + Scott Gorham)/ Get Out Of Here (Philip Lynott + Midge Ure)/ With Love (Philip Lynott)/ A Rock Legend (Philip Lynott + Gary Moore).

No Vertigo logo on front.
There are no running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360169 1Y 2  670 12
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360169 2Y 1 (P) 1979 670 12

Rarity scale: R3

If you enjoy twin guitars, then listen to this. Many double guitar parts galore and very convincingly so. Also the bassguitar has a very recognizable effervescent touch, quite unusual for a hard-rock band like this is. The level is not very consistent, though. On the positive side there is the infectious drive of the opening Do anything you want to and the grim S&M, this last track boasting a glorious instrumental arrangement and even traces of Arthur Brown's drama. Also the long title track with four divisions is excellently arranged and the guitars glitter and sparkle. On the minus side, there is the much too common sounding Waiting for an alibi and the routine of Get out of here. The production of Visconti does well to separate the instruments clearly, so every single radiant guitar note can be admired.

It's the black rose of Ireland, lads, bleeding dawn and exuding despair. Stark and maybe a bit obvious, but a memorable image still. The backcover shows excellently drawn portraits of the culprits. in a greenish blue. For once the black border is really functional too: a mourning card.
Romantic lettering belongs to the rose in general, we guess, but to this particular one?

6360 175


Line-up: Andy Bown, keyb, voc/ John Coghlan, dr/ Alan Lancaster, voc, bsgtr/ Richard Parfitt, voc, keyb, gtr/ Francis Rossi, voc, gtr/ Rob Young, harm.
Production: Pip Williams.
Cover-art by Andrew Aloof.
Cover-design by Design Machine.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by Printwell.
Recorded at Phonogram Studios, Hilversum (NL).

Track listing A-side: What Ever You Want (Richard Parfitt + Andy Bown)/ Shady Lady (Francis Rossi + Rob Young)/ Who Asked You (Alan Lancaster)/ Your Smiling Face (Richard Parfitt + Andy Bown)/ Living On An Island (Richard Parfitt + Rob Young).
Track listing B-side: Come Rock With Me (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost)/ Rockin' On (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost)/ Runaway (Francis Rossi + Bernie Frost)/ High Flyer (Alan Lancaster + Rob Young)/ Breaking Away (Francis Rossi + Richard Parfitt + Andy Bown).

No Vertigo logo on front.
There are no running time indications anywhere.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360175 1Y1  1 70 STRAWBERRY
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360175 2Y1 13 STRAWBERRY

Rarity scale: R3

This starts much more modest than we are used to on the title track and the production of Williams is beyond reproach, but unfortunately we have heard all of this before. The powerless ballad Living on an island, with almost-real CSN&Y harmonies, is like an oasis, though not one we would like to visit any longer than strictly necessary. Business as usual...

Well, it's prime cinema time on the cover, a modestly executed mini Sergeant Pepper's. The backcover is much better: a pinguin going through the motions on the catwalk. Marilyn peeps through too. What a strange image! There's a blue tinted insert with lyrics and a photograph too.
The designers did what they could to make the corporate lettering acceptable. No easy task, but somehow solved quite satisfactorily.

9102 008



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