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Chilean Vertigo released a few albums on swirl, though exact information is hard to come by. We found only a few LP's up till now, which are described below. The A-side label is identical with British releases (''side A'' in second white circle and not ''lado 1''). Matrix numbers are hand-etched and contain no decipherable extra information apart from the catalogue number and side. The B-side label states ''Fab en Chile'' at 7 o'clock. Left of the Vertigo wording the original country of origin of the record is stated. The covers are South-American style: open at three sides and held together by a plastic outer bag.

6360 001


Chilean backcover for 6360 001

Matrix number A-side:
6360001 A EB-CD
Matrix number B-side:
6360001 B  EB-CD

Rarity scale: R3?

The contents correspond with the British release. The B-side label gives some of the titles in Spanish, as does the backcover.
Where the front cover is identical to the British one, the backcover is completely different (see scan above)

Notes: ''glorious'' is misspelled on the backcover as ''gloriuos''.

6360 010

Another altered back cover from Chile, now for 6360 010

6366 100


Line-up: Gary Green, gtr/ Kerry Minnear, voc, keyb, vibr, vlc/ Derek Shulman, voc, sax/ Ray Shulman, voc, bsgtr, vl/ John Weathers, dr.
Production: Gentle Giant.
Photography: Martyn Dean
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at Advison Studios, London.

Track listing A-side: The Runaway (7'24'')/ An Inmates Lullaby (4'27'')/ Way Of Life (7'45'').
Track listing B-side: Experience (7'47'')/ A Reunion (2'08'')/ In A Glass House (7'41'')/ Index 0'20''.
All tracks by Derek Shulman + Ray Shulman + Kerry Minnear.

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
6366100 A EB-CD
Matrix number B-side:
6366100 B EB-CD

Rarity scale: R3?

After the awesome Octopus it probably seemed too arduous a task to create another peak in musical creativity, and it is small wonder that members of the band denounced this album in retrospect as a disappointment. This seems exaggerated to us. Although not in the same class as its predecessor, the album certainly has its excellent moments. Maybe it has all boiled down a bit too much to some kind of formula: oppositions with break-neck complicated rock passages and virtuoso polyphonic parts on one side, and serene multi-voiced balladeering with mediaeval tendencies on the other. The opening track doesn't seem to be very inspired, an infamous breaking glass intro notwithstanding (used by Dutch labelmates Kayak as a sound-check). An inmates lullaby tries at least new roads by reducing all accompaniment to marimba and kettle-drums, arriving at an uncommon texture indeed.. Way of life with its oblique almost-spoken melody tries to create a contrast between grand-gesturing symphonic rock (not the Giant's best bet) and bone-hard polyphony in slices. This sounds a bit contrived, unfortunately. The other side has Experience, a bit in the realm of The runaway, but illuminated by the Renaissance-tinged  middle passage, a small oasis. The warm ballad A reunion is very short for a GG track and has their own brand of self-taught strings up front. The title track clearly stands out. A waterfall of ideas and meticulously executed instrumental interplay, this is top-class Giant all the way. The last track is not mentioned on the British release (but is present on that record) and consists of 20 seconds recapitulating almost all that went before. Phew!
The cover on both back and front is photocopied from the German release. There is no trace of any gimmix sleeve left, naturally.

Notes: for some reason beyond our comprehension the label has been tinted slightly green on both sides.
This was issued in Britain on WWA (002) in 1973; the German issue with the same catalogue number as the Chilean is found only with the ''spaceship'' label.

6366 106

Chileans had to wait until 1974 before this was unleashed upon them. But they had a new catalogue number waiting for them!
Scan from one of our contributing readers.


6006020CHI 6059013CHI vertigo
Early Vertigo singles in Chile were released on the mother label Philips, but did mention ''Vertigo'' on the label, plus the country from which it was licensed. Chilean picture sleeve for 6059 013, Magna Carta Airport song/ Elizabethan. Chilean label for 6059 062, Ramases Nion viviente (Life child)/ Hola señor (Hello mister).

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B: The system- Babylon/ Hic et nunc.

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