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Canadian Vertigo released quite some British albums rather than US ones. As far as we're aware, all releases are very similar to their British examples, except two (whereof one by mistake) . Label design, matrix numbers and general information is therefore treated alongside this one album with a difference. Vertigo albums were distributed by London of Canada (!). This is noted on the label and somewhere on most covers, too.

A few singles recently appeared, some of them unique, too!

6360 020
GENTLE GIANT - same (1972)

Both the inside and outside of the cover of this release have exactly the same design as the British one, but it is made of much thicker board and in ''American'' style with slicks that are pasted over the basic board.
The A-side label is identical to the British one.

The track listing is the same as on British copies, but on our copy (and there are more like this) A1 and A3 are interchanged on the actual record.

Matrix number A-side:
Matrix number B-side:

Rarity scale: R2

Notes: this album was released considerably later than the British version

The other differing release is 6360 032 Patto Hold your fire. This has the British catalogue number, but the USA cover!

A few singles were spotted from Canada.

A: Da Doo Ron Ron. B: House Of  Unamerican Blues Activity Dream.
This has a different B-side to the USA

A: Barazinbar (3:50). B: We have reason tot believe.

6059 141 THIN LIZZY
A: The boys are back in town. B: Jailbreak


6059 151 CITY BOY
A: Haymaking time. B: The greatest story ever told.


6147 010 ATLANTIS
A: Mainline Florida. B: Ooh baby.


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